11% Off Rayobyte Promo Code (3 Working Codes) 2023

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The internet is a fast-paced environment where everything is constantly changing. Brands must evolve to fulfil the needs of their target audience and continue providing a solution for the problem they are facing. 

However, sometimes it can be a tad complicated to figure out if the strategies you’ve implemented are doing well.

  • Are your ads reaching your target audience?
  • Is your SEO as effective as you think it is?
  • Do you know who your ideal client is?
  • Are you worried about the security of your website?

If these questions have made you rethink your current position as a business owner, it is time for you to start looking for solutions to continue improving your business and make sure you’re walking down the right path.

While the services of this company are available at any time of the year, this time, we have something special for you.

 We’re now offering Rayobyte special coupons and deals for those interested in using proxies for any of the above reasons – and even more.

Keep reading to find out how you can start using Rayobyte’s proxies today for an affordable price!

Latest Rayobyte Promo Code,November 2022

We’re currently offering three different deals, which can appeal to different users.

If you think that Rayobyte has the right solutions for you, perhaps the following coupons may be valuable to you:

Editor's Choice

Up To 11% Off Store-Wide

This Rayobyte Promo Code is valid for starter, personal and corporate plans. You'll be able to take advantage of all the features mentioned above for an even better price. 

We don't have Rayobyte Promo Code for residential and mobile proxies, but that may change soon. Stay tuned for more news!

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Expired on: 12/22/2022
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Get 5% Discount On Your Orders

This Rayobyte Promo Code grants you a 5% discount on the start, personal and corporate packages. 

The starter package grants you access to 5-99 proxy IPs, the personal package allows you to choose between 100-999 proxies, and the corporate package contains 1,000-4,90999 proxies AND customization options.

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Expired on: 12/30/2022
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11% Off Dedicated Proxies

Looking Dedicated Proxies Coupon? Try our Exclusive Rayobyte Deal for Dedicated Proxies

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Expired on: 11/30/2022
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Rayobyte Promo Code & Deals, November 2022
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How to Activate Rayobyte Promo Code Guide

How to Activate Rayobyte Promo Code Step-By-Step Guide

It’s very easy to take advantage of the Rayobyte Promo Code we’re offering.

Copy the correct code to your clipboard, and visit the Rayobyte website. 

Then, please follow the steps described below to claim your Rayobyte Promo Code :

Step one: Click on the “pricing” tab and choose the “see all pricing” option. 

Rayobyte Proxy Pricing Elite Proxies Starting From 2 IP 1

Step two: Next up, click on any of the options mentioned above (starter, personal and corporate) and click on “start now.”

Datacenter Proxies Rayobyte Most Trusted Proxy

Step three: Choose the details of your package (whether you want an IPv4 or IPv6 package and the type of proxy).

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 1

Step four: Choose your location based on where you want to use the promotional code. 

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 2

Step five: Select the number of proxies you need and the duration of your package. Packages with a longer duration have additional deals available.

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 3

Step six: Please, fill out the form with your billing details and personal information. You must create a password and provide a valid email.

You’re also required to specify how you’ll use the proxies you’ll have access to through this service.

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 4

Step seven: Choose your preferred payment option (PayPal or credit card), type your promo code on the respective field, and then click on “apply.” 

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 5

Step seven: Read the Terms of Service, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy before competing for your purchase.
Once you’re done, please check the box where you confirm that you have read and agreed to the policies written on these documents, and click on “BUY NOW” to complete your purchase.

Rayobyte Shopping Cart 6

How much can I save using Rayobyte Promo Code ?

Rayobyte Promo Code can help you save up to 11% of the package price.

The standard pricing per month is 12.50 USD for IPv4 packages. 

The monthly pricing for IPv6 packages is 5.00 USD, but you can only choose dedicated proxies.

The total price of a monthly subscription for a corporate plan, considering the monthly price, would be 150.00 USD. 

However, this duration includes a 15% discount, which makes the total cost of the package 127.50 USD. You can lower the total price by applying the Rayobyte Promo Code we’re offering on this post.

If you choose the 11% discount coupon, the total price would be 113.47 USD.

This way, our Rayobyte Promo Code can help you save up to 26% per cent of the total price of your package, allowing you to get better deals without necessarily spending too much money!

Which plan should I choose?

Rayobyte has different plans that you can choose from based on your needs. The main difference between each package is the bandwidth available.

Choosing a plan based on your expected bandwidth consumption throughout the subscription is recommendable. 

It all comes down to your intentions with this service. Plus, all plans except the “starter” and “personal” include some form of personalization. 

Does Rayobyte offer a free trial?

Yes. Rayobyte offers a 2-day trial for clients who already have paid for a full subscription. If you don’t like the service, you can cancel it and explore your options.
Rayobyte offers different deals depending on the type of service you are looking for at the moment.

How to authenticate Rayobyte – Step-by-Step Guide

You have two options to authenticate Rayobyte and be able to start using the proxy server. The first is using an IP address, and the other is using your login details.
If you’re interested in using the SOCK5 protocol or a rotating proxy, you must use IP authentication.

For the username and password authorization, you’ll have to follow the steps written below:

  • First, go to your Rayobyte dashboard and click on the drop-down menu that reads “export” in the Assigned Ports area. You’ll see two options, “All” and “USA Dedicated Proxies.” Click on the second option, and a list with passwords and usernames to access that particular proxy will appear.
  • Next up, please go to your browser settings and the proxy configuration. Choose the “manual” option, and enter the port number (i.e., 1234). 
  • Test if you’ve entered the right details by using the browser to access any website. If the information you’ve submitted is correct, the browser will require you to provide a username and a password.
  • Go to the list of login details you accessed, and copy and paste the details in the respective fields. Press “enter,” and you should be able to start using the proxy without problems. You can check if your IP has changed now!

For the IP authentication, please follow the steps written below:

  • First, go to your Rayobyte dashboard and choose the “IP” option in the authorization type. 
  • Choose one of the many assigned ports you see on the screen. 
  • Go to your computer’s “Internet Properties” option and click on the “Connections” tab. There, click again on “LAN Settings.”
  • A new menu will appear. Check the option “Use a proxy server for your LAN,” and then click on “Advanced” to modify the details of the server. Check the option “use the same proxy server for all protocols.”
  • Then, you must copy and paste your preferred IP address and port. Click “OK” on all the menus.
  • You can now check if your IP has changed!

How to cancel a Rayobyte subscription 

If you wish to cancel your Rayobyte subscription, you’ll have to go to the client area (the previous link takes you to the mentioned webpage).

Here are the steps you’ll need to follow to cancel your current Rayobyte subscription:

  • Once in the client area, click on the “services” tab to see your currently active subscriptions. 
  • Click on the product you would like to cancel. The website will show you a screen with all the details about that service. 
  • You’ll see an option that reads “request cancellation.” Click on that option to continue.
  • Now, the website will require you to fill out a form with the reason for your cancellation. You can enter simple sentences like “I don’t need this at the moment” to continue. 
  • Click on “request cancellation” again to continue. You’ll have to wait for a while until your request is approved.

Is there a bandwidth limitation?

No. There isn’t any bandwidth limit for this service. Let’s say you’ve bought 50 GB.

You will be able to continue using it at the actual speed of your Internet connection without problems.

What is Rayobyte?

Formerly Blazing Seo
Formerly Blazing Seo

Rayobyte is the largest proxy provider in the United States. Formerly known as “Blazing SEO,” this company now offers most proxy types, scrapping robots, and other resources that could be useful for an online business for research or cybersecurity purposes. The company offers data centers, residential, ISP, and mobile proxy networks.

Why buy proxies from Rayobyte?

Why buy proxies from Rayobyte?

Rayobyte owns one of the largest networks of data center proxies in the US and probably in the world. It has more than 300,000 IPs in the company’s data centers.
Some of the reasons why people have been using Rayobyte include the following:

Access different types of ethically-sourced proxies and scraping robot 

The company offers residential proxies, ISP proxies, data center proxies, rotating proxies, rotating ISP proxies, dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies, as well as mobile proxies.
If you don’t need proxies, perhaps you can scrape sites into JSON without any disturbances.

Available 24/7

The service is available almost always, as it is constantly monitored. The proxies are constantly rotating and changing, allowing you to use different ones according to availability.

Reduce bans 

Rayobyte utilizes Proxy Pilot to enhance your scraping projects while offering as much diversity as possible through their data center proxies.

Customizable services 

These services are also customizable based on your needs.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, you can contact Rayobyte, and they will find, for instance, the type of proxy you need or perhaps the specific country where you’d like to work.

How much does Rayobyte cost?

In addition to the wide range of proxies, Rayobyte has excellent prices, starting at $6 per GB. The pricing varies depending on the plan you think would suit you better.
Below there is a description of some of the plans available.

How much does Rayobyte cost?

The packages available and their main details are included described below:

  • Starter – This plan costs 15.00 USD per GB and includes between 1-15 GB bandwidth. 
  • Personal – This plan costs 12.50 USD per GB and includes between 16-49 GB bandwidth.
  • Corporate – This is another popular choice among users due to its convenient pricing of 4.00 USD. It includes 500-999 GB.
  • Consumer – It costs 7.00 USD per GB and includes 50-99 GB.
  • Professional – It costs 6.00 USD per GB and includes 100-249 GB.
  • Business – This plan costs 5.00 USD per GB and includes 250-499 GB.
  • Enterprise – This plan costs 3.00 USD and includes 1 – 4.9 TB. 
  • Custom – The last option is a customizable package, which you can discuss with the company directly and personalize according to your needs. 

You can find out more about the pricing by visiting this website

Conclusion on Rayobyte Promo Code 2022

If you’ve been looking for proxies for SEO purposes or perhaps for conducting marketing research, Rayobyte is your best solution.
Not only will you have access to thousands of proxies for a long time, but you will also be able to use them without any bandwidth subscription. 

While the pricing is reasonable, the Rayobyte Promo Code we’re offering can help you access the service less than you would, allowing you to access the full service without spending too much money!

Rayobyte Promo Code Frequently Asked Questions 
What’s the best Rayobyte promotional code to save money?

Our 11% promotional code is the best, as it can help you save up to 26% on your purchase.
However, this Rayobyte Promo Code runs out quickly, so make sure to use it as soon as possible. 

Can I get a discount without using a Rayobyte Promo Code?

Yes, but only partially. The website offers up to 15% discount for 12-month subscriptions.

Is there any Money Back Guarantee?

No. Rayobyte does not offer refunds for reasons like dissatisfaction or lack of usage.
You can read more about it on Rayobyte’s Terms of Service. 

Do Rayobyte discounts on Black Friday?

Yes. The website puts discounts available now and then, and Black Friday isn’t excluded from the list of potential dates to offer discounts.

Is there any discount for Students? 

As of now, Rayobyte does not offer discounts for students.

Where can I find out about new Rayobyte Promo Code?

We recommend you keep up with Rayobyte’s social media or visit our website to find out when the next deals are available. 

How many discount codes are currently available for Rayobyte?

We are currently offering two Rayobyte Promo Code for Rayobyte, one for a 5% discount and the other for 11%. Grab them before they expire!

Are there any first-order discounts at Rayobyte?

No. Although deals are available for first orders, there aren’t additional discounts for being your first time ordering at the site.

Does Rayobyte offer Rayobyte Promo Code for existing customers?

Yes. Existing customers can also take advantage of discount coupons!

Will I find any cashback opportunities at Rayobyte?

No. Rayobyte doesn’t offer any cashback options at the moment.

What type of products does Rayobyte carry?

Rayobyte is the largest proxy provider on the web, covering most types of proxies.

Which Rayobyte Promo Code for Rayobyte do customers use the most?

Customers tend to use Rayobyte Promo Code with a higher discount percentage. 

What sort of Rayobyte proxies are currently available?

The Rayobyte proxies available at the moment include residential proxies, ISP proxies, data center proxies, rotating proxies, rotating ISP proxies, dedicated and semi-dedicated proxies, as well as mobile proxies.

Which products can I get Rayobyte for?

Rayobyte is useful for SEO solutions, marketing research, cyber security, and data scraping, among many other options. 

What can I do if my Rayobyte Promo Code isn’t working?

If your Rayobyte Promo Code isn’t working, maybe 
it’s because it has already expired. Please wait until a new deal is available.

Can I combine Rayobyte coupon codes?

No. You can only use one Rayobyte Promo Code at a time.

Does Rayobyte offer a student discount?

No. Rayobyte does not offer student discounts.

Does Rayobyte offer a referral program?

Yes. Rayobyte has a proxy affiliate program available.

How often does Rayobyte have online coupons?

Rayobyte has online coupons available almost every month. If you visit our website or keep up with their social media sites, you can find good deals. 

Is it safe to use Rayobyte Promo Code?

Yes. It is 100% safe to use Rayobyte coupons because all coupons are directly claimed from the Rayobyte site.

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